At City Fire we spread our passion for fire protection, prevention and life safety through education. One way to share our knowledge is through educational sessions, such as Lunch n’ Learns. We offer Lunch n’ Learns for a variety of topics, you pick the topic, we’ll bring the speaker and the lunch! We can come to you or you can come to us!

By offering different types of learning experiences; from hands on training to classroom instruction, we can fill your needs. Anything from how to use a fire extinguisher to what fire protection is required on a food truck to the importance of nitrogen generators and everything in-between, we cover it all.

Hands-On Training

City Fire offers different forms of Fire Extinguisher training to fit everyone’s needs and spaces. We offer classroom training where we verbally go over the basic skills of fire extinguishers. We also employ Bullex Digital Fire Simulator training, which allows individuals to go through the motions of putting out a fire. The simulator uses a digital screen to display a fire and users use a realistic fire extinguisher with a laser to put the fire out. The BullEx can be used just about anywhere. And lastly, we offer a live burn demo. This option is the most realistic way to use a fire extinguisher. This training includes a controlled live burn where users must put out with a fire extinguisher.

2024 Fire Facts Seminar at Seton Hall University

Encore Classroom Setting for Training