According to NFPA, electrical failures or malfunctions are the second leading cause of house fires. They have also found that electrical fires have the highest percent of death and property damage. There are some steps that can be done to prevent electrical fires. Thermal Imaging is an innovative way to detect potential fire risks.

Thermal Imaging Cameras display temperatures through gradient colors. The hotter the spot, the brighter the color and the cooler the spot, the darker the color is. If spots appear hotter than normal, there may be a potential problem. During an electrical inspection, City Fire technicians use thermal imaging cameras to examine electrical equipment for hot spots. If a hot spot is detected, our trained electricians will resolve any issues.

Thermal Imaging Cameras can detect the following electrical issues:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Loose connections
  • Hot connections

Some benefits of using Thermal Imaging are:

  • Thermal Imaging cameras detect hot spots
  • Thermal Imaging cameras can prevent electrical fires
  • Thermal Imaging cameras have the capability to cover large areas
  • Thermal Imaging cameras require no physical contact with electrical equipment
  • Thermal Imaging cameras allow for more effective installation (heating/cooling)

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