Our passion for fire protection and life safety goes beyond serving our customers and keeping them compliant with all local, state and federal fire codes. We share our passion through educating our employees, community and fire officials.

City Fire’s services include the sale, installation and service/maintenance of all fire safety equipment. We are fully licensed in all sectors of fire safety and protection, one of only 30 fully-licensed fire protection companies in New Jersey. 

City Fire Electric, a division of City Fire, expands our services into the electrical field, while our retail locations, The Store at City Fire, serve small businesses, contractors and homeowners. 

We offer 24/7 service, prompt and professional behavior and adherence to the highest standards. Everything we do is driven by code…the code of fire safety and our own code of business conduct.

Historic City Fire truck


City Fire Equipment Company was founded in 1952 by Newark firefighter William Bretzger. With a mission driven by a combination of commitment to fire safety and an entrepreneurial spirit, Bretzger filled a need by traveling to businesses to fill fire extinguishers, when business owners previously had to visit fire stations for service. By bringing fire safety expertise into the community, Bretzger set the tone for City Fire Equipment Company going forward.

Today the third-generation company continues to bring expertise and a commitment to quality customer service directly to building owners and property managers to help ensure their fire safety compliance. Our drive to educate our employees, community and fire officials has continued through all our years of service. Our passion for fire safety expands way beyond our customers; we want to be your resource for fire safety.

With nearly 100 employees and over 60 vehicles on the road, City Fire has the ability to reach all of New Jersey, the Five Boroughs, lower New York State and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Locations Served

New Jersey, New York City, Lower New York State and Eastern Pennsylvania