Corrosion occurs when water, iron and oxygen meet. By eliminating one, corrosion can be lessened. In dry or pre-action fire sprinkler pipes, water is always present as a result of condensation and testing activities. The leftover water mixed with the metal pipes and compressed air that is fed into the system makes fire sprinkler systems the perfect equation for corrosion. When corrosion occurs, it can cause blockages or holes in the system which will not allow the system to work properly.

Nitrogen generators are a great solution to this problem. Dry and Pre-action fire sprinkler systems must be pressurized in order to keep the system from tripping. In most cases, compressed air is used, which can lead to headaches down the road. By removing the oxygen within the system and replacing the air supply with nitrogen, the formula for corrosion is eliminated. Nitrogen is an inert gas, which means that is does not react to metals and no oxidation or rust will occur.

According to NFPA using 98% Nitrogen gas rather than compressed air, can extend the life of a dry fire sprinkler system up to 5.3x as long. Therefore, by replacing oxygen with nitrogen, corrosion can be reduced. 

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