City Fire Technician, Rob Martinez, walks us through the installation of a Fire Suppression system on a mobile Food Truck.

In recent years, we have seen a change from traditional restaurants to mobile and stationary food trucks. Food trucks have less overhead than the traditional brick and mortar store front and therefore are less costly to get. Even though food trucks may be more cost effective, they still are a large investment that you want to protect. Installing and maintaining the proper fire protection equipment is vital in protecting your investment.

Fire codes and regulations for food trucks have been set into place as a result of deadly food truck explosions. Following these codes are essential to protecting this equipment. Here are some ways to protect your food truck:

  • The first thing that should be done is to educate yourself of local fire code for food trucks. Adding the proper fire protection equipment in the beginning stages of your food truck, can save you from the headache of adding it later down the line. You do not want to get to a food truck festival, only to be turned away because your food truck does not have the proper life safety equipment or inspections.
  • Speaking of inspections, regular inspections and maintenance are a preventative service that can catch safety concerns. For example, while driving, a bolt holding the propane tank in place may have come loose, causing the tank to move around or the hose to come loose. If the gas begins to leak, it will only take one spark to cause an explosion. A visual inspection of the truck before each time it is used, could catch and prevent any mishaps.
  • Preparing an emergency plan is an effective way to protect a food truck from fire emergencies. But, an emergency plan is only as effective as its execution. It is imperative to educate staff and employees who operate food trucks about the equipment on the vehicle. When employees are aware of the equipment, it could help when emergencies occur.

If you’re a food truck owner and need help with any of the above mentioned topics, please contact us. City Fire is passionate about educating our customers, employees and community. We believe education is the first step to protecting a structure.  Not only does City Fire install, inspect and maintain fire protection, we offer educational sessions. You pick the topic and we will provide the education.

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