You may not have realized this, but fire alarm systems have a typical life span of about 15 years. Individual parts may have shorter life spans, but total fire alarm system replacements are typically required after 15 years. Think about it, how old is your fire alarm system? If your system is closing in on 15 years, have you prepared a plan before your system fails? If the answer is no, you should considered creating a plan.

Now that this topic is on your mind, let’s discuss a few reasons why you should plan for the end of life of your fire alarm system. Planning ahead allows for financial planning and budgeting. Fire alarm systems are a large investment and could be hard to allocated funds in an emergency. Not only are replacements expensive, emergency services are expensive too! Many towns require Fire Watch when fire alarm systems are down, which can be very costly.

While financial planning seems the most important reason why you should plan ahead, it is not. Planning is important because you want your fire alarm system to work when you need it the most. If your fire alarm system exceeds its life expectancy, you run the risk of it failing at any point in-between inspections.

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