When your power goes out, your fire protection is still protecting you!

Did you know that when you lose power, some of your crucial fire protection equipment has a battery back up?

This is important because it gives you reassurance that your property is protected even when the power is out.

If your power goes out, you will notice that your emergency lights kick on and your fire alarm panel will still protect your building. This works for a short period of time, but after time the battery will die. Like any battery, when the battery is used for an extended period of time or the battery is old, it is likely that the battery will die and it will not be in working condition the next time it is needed. It’s imperative that when the power goes out, you test your emergency lights and check the battery life on your fire alarm panel. The alarm system will have a trouble signal when the battery needs to replaced.

Power surges can also cause issues for your fire alarm system. A surge occurs when the power comes back on after being off. A power surge can cause damage to the battery, the panel, or the whole fire alarm system. If the surge fries the panel or system, the building will not be protected properly.

City Fire is available 24/7 for emergency service if necessary, please call 973-560-1600.

Don’t get stuck in the dark unprotected, replace your batteries today! For batteries, please call 973-560-1600 or visit one of our conveniently located stores*.


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*When purchasing a replacement battery for your alarm panel at our stores, please do one of the following 1. Get the make and model of panel 2. Take a picture of the panel 3. Bring in the old battery.