Every once in a while, we hear about a person impersonating a fire protection technician. When this happens, a person will identify themselves as a certified fire protection technician and “inspect” fire protection equipment in return for cash. The individual often will associate themselves with a local fire protection company in order to sound official. Unfortunately when this happens, victims may not realize this is a scam and end up paying cash for a fake inspection. Not only does the victim lose money, their property as well as themselves are at risk of their fire protection failing. Fire protection inspections are a lifesaving service that ensure that equipment is in good working condition.

When a City Fire Technician comes out to inspection, maintain or install fire protection equipment at your property, you should expect the following:

  • City Fire Technicians can provide a photo ID
  • City Fire Technicians drive City Fire vehicles
  • City Fire Technicians wear City Fire attire, which includes logoed shirts and hats
  • City Fire inspections are scheduled in advanced through our dispatch department
  • Payment options are discussed when appointments are scheduled.

Please feel free to contact City Fire at 973-560-1600 to verify a City Fire Technician.